OneSite Affordable FAQ's

OneSite Affordable FAQ's

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    Michelle Brown

    Add a question that you would like to see here!

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    Shady Grove Leasing Consultant

    How do I complete a certification?

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    Christine McClay

    Hi Michelle,

    I had a move in on 11/1/2012.

    Apt 214 Maria Johnston and she sold her property last year.

    I got a call from PHFA. Apt 214 Maria Johnston Real estate did not calculate the 2% imputed figure.

    They are getting an error message and they won’t process it.

    It just imputed 2% from her checking account.

    The real estate did not get added in.

    I tried to redo but I can’t get it to change.

    Please adivse.

    Thanks Tina Mount Carmel Apts -347


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    Whitney Manager

    How do I obtain a user name and password?

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