Updating your VPN password on your computer (after a network password change)

Changing Your VPN Password

Changing/Updating your VPN Password

These instructions are applicable to the user of the Edgewood VPN solution. 
After updating your network/computer password you will also have to update your VPN password as a separate step since your VPN connection will have your previous password stored in memory. 
Follow the steps below to update/change the password.

  1. Search for VPN in the Windows Search Bar

  2. Click on the “EMC VPN” item and then Advanced Options
  3. Click “Clear sign-in info” to remove the old password
  4. Close the window and you're finished. After completing these steps the next time you activate your VPN connection you should be prompted to enter your credentials.  Enter your username (in the format “ ( for Vantage users)or “dbf\jsmith”)The password is your current network password.
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