How do I classify a document in iDoc for publishing?


Click on the document that you wish to upload. The File Information pane is located on the right. The Attributes of Classifiers will be added from here.

Enter the following classifiers:

Property, File Type, Contract End/Document Date, Department, and Status. The rest of the fields
will auto-populate.

If you need to change the title of your document, click the Blue Text with the document name to change the file before uploading.

* NOTE: The DEPARTMENT Field will determine where your document is sent if you are “Sending
to Approval” or to a department publisher.

Click on the Classifiers you want to assign. Property should be added first. Once the property is added to the File Information the following fields will automatically populate: Property type, Client, Company, Status



Number and name of property. This must be entered manually.

Property Type


Category of how the property is funded, i.e., Section 8, Tax Credit, Conventional, etc. All appropriate associations should auto-populate based on the specific property selected.


This is the Ownership group. All appropriate associations should auto-populate based on the specific property selected.
File Type This classifier identifies the type of document based on its content. This must be entered manually.

Contract Date / Document Date 

This will designate either the effective date or expiration date of a document. This must be entered manually.
Department This will be based on the publisher whose documents are assigned by the department. This must be entered manually.
Status This will always show as Active. This field will auto-populate for each property.

Click File Type and choose the specific type of document being uploaded such as management agreements or invoices.


Click Contract End Date/Document and enter the date of execution on the document to be uploaded or the date of the document using the calendar icon to the right end of the form field or entering the date in the following format DD/MM/YYYY.


Click on Classifier Department and enter the department that the person uploading publishes. For example: accounting would upload to accounting, and operations would choose Admin. In turn, these documents will be assigned to the appropriate publisher for review before being uploaded to the
content base.


If you need to remove a classifier, simply click on the classifier type in Bold and an X will appear next to the classifier to be removed.



















































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